Yoke Beams Green Oak Frame

Yoke Beams Green Oak Frame


Project Description

Whippletree’s customer wanted an unusual framing feature as a surround for an outdoor eating area. Our idea was to attempt to find ‘Yoke’ shape supports for the building which was a task requiring considerable sourcing and machining of very specific Oak forms to give a suitable and desirable effect.

The Challenge

Once Whippletree had the customer’s agreement on the idea for the ‘Y’ beam or yoke shape to use, we started the search for a suitable tree to yield the shape required and having found the source of a suitable tree, we had the tree harvested and carefully milled to produce the required pieces ready to be shaped and and jointed.

The Results

The results were a truly unique framing feature to be commented on by many discerning lovers of Oak and
in particular, Oak frames.

Additional Information

Client: Cambridge Restoration (Oak Framer)

Oak Supplier: Whippletree

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