We are committed to preserving the environment and operating using green and sustainable methods

As trees mature they tend to die back. In time its timber becomes stained, then rots. This is a natural feature of habitat regeneration

Careful harvesting of mature trees can thus have three distinct environmental benefits:


Harvesting them at the right time supports this natural regeneration process.


This removal can actually speed up the process of woodland renewal.


The management measures associated with harvesting are proven to increase bio diversity.

Wherever Whippletree buys ‘at stump’, on that site we ensure that woodland’s stewardship meets Forestry Commission requirements – with harvested trees replaced by new seedlings and protective measures put in place. This is Whippletree’s environmental commitment which ensures purchasing our timber products contributes to the conservation of our beautiful English countryside.

Our production process is essentially green too. We largely rely on naturally seasoning products and  kiln dry only when necessary.