Air Dried Oak Beams

Air Dried Oak beam stock for swift availability at Whippletree

Air Dried Oak beam stock for swift availability at Whippletree

Air Dried Oak beam stock for swift availability at Whippletree


Please always email or phone 01763 208966 for confirmation of stock availability and price before collection

Where stability and strength are of all importance

Air Dried Oak Beams have been used in construction for many centuries, where the quality and stability of the Oak frame is essential.

At Whippletree we keep an extensive range of common sections and lengths in stock for collection/delivery within a few days (see point 2 below…) We also offer an Oak Framing service in both Green Oak and Air Dried Oak, supplying pre-assembled kits for you to erect on your site…

When considering the use of Air Dried Oak Beams for a project, the following points are worth Taking account of:

  1. Cost – Air Dried Oak Beams will always cost more than Green Oak Beams, the increase will depend on the availability of the section and length required, the quality, and sometimes the length of seasoning time.
  1. The size of the project/quantity required – Unlike Green Oak Beams, we can only offer the beams we cut and laid down a few years ago…! So if there is a vast quantity or some unusual sections or lengths we may struggle to cover the requirement. Whippletree are always very happy to discuss your requirement and whether we can cover it or not…
  1. Workability – Air Dried Oak beams will always take more skill and effort to joint and work with due to the fact that a lot of the moisture has dried out making the Oak harder. The sections will have distorted too, meaning that each joint will need to be individually shaped to fit.
  1. Discolouration – Due to the time spent outside seasoning, the Air Dried Beams will be discoloured and ‘weathered’. If any sections required need resizing, the freshly cut faces will be ‘bright’ and newly sawn in contrast to the weathered faces.
  1. Cracks, splits and shakes – all Air Dried Beams will have these drying defects… it is unavoidable! but remember, they won’t get worse due to the fact they are drying cracks and the beams are now dry…
  1. Resawing square and true – Whippletree offer a service to re-saw all four sides of the Air Dried Beams ‘square and true’. This makes for beams with the regularity of Green Oak Beams, but with newly sawn ‘bright’ faces, and the benefit of stability. (Please be aware that this can increase the cost significantly due to having to charge for the larger ‘starting’ section.)
  1. Making good – One of the main benefits of using Air Dried Oak Beams, as long as they are seasoned…! (cheap Air Dried Beams are available on the market with no guaranteed seasoning period, these can look dry on the outside, but, are green on the inside…) is that there will be minimal if any making good/redecoration to be done. A very considerable bonus of not having to be called back once the job has been completed.



Green Oak or air dried Oak, there’s an extensive range to pick from:


  • Air-dried oak beams

Section (mm)

  • Up to 350x350

Length (m)

  • Up to 7

*Whippletree can provide unusually long Oak beams, complete logs or bespoke commissions requiring complex/demanding machining and/or finishing. From shaped ends to more forms such as tapers, small or large curves,jowl posts. Moulded and chamfered beams and turned columns. Whatever the constructional or roof truss need, Whippletree can supply it.

Note: The stock sizes above are for next day collection. Any size can be milled within 7–10 days.

Oak Dowels



  • 1/2” (12.5mm)
  • 3/4” (18mm)
  • 7/8” (22mm)

Bundles of 1.2m

  • 5 per bundle
  • 5 per bundle
  • 5 per bundle