Green Oak Beams

Green Oak Beams

Green Oak beam stock for swift availability at Whippletree

Green Oak beam stock for swift availability at Whippletree


Please always email or phone 01763 208966 for confirmation of stock availability and price before collection

Easily worked, structurally proven building timber

Green Oak Beams have been used in construction for many centuries due to its ease of jointing, strength, and durability.

At Whippletree we keep an extensive range of common sections and lengths in stock for collection/delivery within a few days… (Please see note below) we also offer an Oak Framing service supplying pre-assembled kits for you to erect on your site…

When considering the use of Green oak beams for a project, the following points are worth Taking account of:

  1. Cost – Green Oak Beams will always be the most cost effective structural Oak
  1. The size of the project/quantity required – as Green Oak Beams are sawn from newly felled trees, the availability of long lengths, large section, and quality, is very good. As long as the raw material is available, the requirement can be cut to order.
  1. Ease of working – As Green Oak beams are freshly sawn, there is a lot of moisture within the timber which makes it soft and easily worked making it relatively quick to joint.
  1. Square sawn sections – As the timber is freshly sawn, the sections will be reasonably square and true making for quick and neat jointing.
  1. Shrinkage and movement – As the Green Oak dries out, the sections will shrink and bow… this must be considered when jointing detail is decided. Generally, if traditional jointing methods are used (i.e. Pegged mortice and tennons) the Oak is held in position and any twist and shrinkage actually keeps the joints tight. This isn’t a consideration if Air Dried Oak Beams are used.
  1. Making good once the Oak has dried – The Green Oak beams could take many months or even a year or two to dry fully. Be prepared to make good/redecorate around the beams once this drying period is over. Again this isn’t a problem if Air Dried Oak Beams are used.



Green Oak or air dried Oak, there’s an extensive range to pick from:


  • Green oak Beams

Section (mm)

  • 150x75, 150x100, 150x150, 225x75, 225x100, 225x150, 200x200, 225x225

Length (m)

  • 6 standards: 2.4, 3.0, 3.6, 4.3, 4.8, up to 6

*Whippletree can provide unusually long Oak beams, complete logs or bespoke commissions requiring complex/demanding machining and/or finishing. From shaped ends to more forms such as tapers, small or large curves,jowl posts. Moulded and chamfered beams and turned columns. Whatever the constructional or roof truss need, Whippletree can supply it.

Note: The stock sizes above are for next day collection. Any size can be milled within 7–10 days.

Oak Dowels



  • 1/2” (12.5mm)
  • 3/4” (18mm)
  • 7/8” (22mm)

Bundles of 1.2m

  • 5 per bundle
  • 5 per bundle
  • 5 per bundle