Flat Planed Oak Flooring

Unleash the Timeless Beauty of Flat Planed Oak Flooring

If you are looking for a touch of timeless elegance with a modern edge, look no further than Whippletree's flat-planed oak flooring. This stunning option marries the best of both worlds: natural oak's inherent warmth and character with a smooth, contemporary finish that elevates any space.

However, choosing the right flooring goes beyond aesthetics. Whippletree understands this, offering three distinct profiles – solid, single-engineered, and double-engineered – to suit your needs perfectly. So, which one is the perfect match for your flooring project needs?

Here, we take a closer look at the flat planed oak flooring options available from Whippletree and why they make a sound investment for enhancing your property aesthetics' style, beauty and longevity.

Solid Oak: A Symphony of Character and Strength

Solid English oak, with its full 19mm thickness, is the king of character. Knots and wild grains stand out, telling stories etched by time. This option will sit perfectly in:

  • Historic restorations: Recapture the essence of a bygone era with a "like for like" replacement.
  • Areas with temperature and humidity fluctuations: Ideal for slightly differing inside environments (e.g Areas that are unheated for certain periods).
  • Budget-conscious wide board dreams: Solid oak can handle wide boards without the double engineering cost.

However, remember, solid oak breathes with temperature and humidity changes. So, think twice about floors facing damp cellars or frequent heating and cooling cycles. (We can advise)

Single Engineered Oak: The Balancing Act of Beauty and Stability

Single-engineered oak offers a delightful compromise. Its multi-ply base adds stability while retaining the charm of a thicker oak veneer. This makes it perfect for:

  • Warm, dry areas: Enjoy the beauty of oak without worrying about excessive movement.
  • Underfloor heating areas: The multi-ply base plays nicely with underfloor heating systems.

Keep in mind that the thinner oak layer means a slightly less pronounced character compared to solid oak. But hey, you gain peace of mind knowing your floor won't easily buckle under temperature or humidity swings.

Double Engineered Oak: The King of Wide and Long Boards

Double-engineered oak is the crown for those who yearn for expansive, statement-making floors. Its sandwich-like construction with two layers stabilises the movement of even the longest and widest boards, preventing dreaded cupping and bowing. This makes it ideal for:

  • Grand spaces: Let your floors become the canvas for your design dreams.
  • Areas with potential temperature and humidity fluctuations: Breathe easy, knowing your floor can handle the occasional climate shift.

Similar to single-engineered oak, the character of the oak layer is slightly subtler. But the trade-off is a floor that can handle anything you throw at it, from grand parties to bustling family life.

Footworn or Flat Planed: The Finishing Touch

Now that you have chosen your oak flooring profile, it is time to decide on the final flourish. Whippletree offers both footworn and flat-planed finishes to complete your masterpiece:

  • Footworn: Embrace the timelessness of hand-finished, uneven surfaces. Perfect for a rustic, traditional charm.
  • Flat planed: Experience the smooth elegance of a contemporary twist on classic oak. This versatile option shines in modern and traditional settings alike.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But with Whippletree's dedication to quality and craftsmanship, you can rest assured that your flat-planed oak flooring will be a timeless investment in your flooring project's beauty and long-term value.

So, why wait? Contact us and discover the perfect harmony of classic elegance and contemporary flair for your dream floor.

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