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English Oak Flooring

Oak’s slow growing nature creates a dense and strong wood.

Resilient in nature, yet readily worked and shaped for our homes. This utility, plus its tight and interesting grain, creates a beautiful decorative material that’s equally at home in traditional as much as modern settings.

Here at Whippletree we provide a high quality, long lasting floor that is worth every penny. The quality starts from sawing our English Oak logs specifically for flooring. This is why we can provide much longer lengths and much wider widths than the standard European Oak alternatives commonly available. Furthermore, our English Oak floor boards are 100% heartwood - again not something that is readily found in the market.

Just as importantly, all of our English Oak is fully traceable so we can tell you which woodlands in the UK your floor came from. This gives us and you a provenance over any European Oak floor - with a Whippletree floor you know you are standing on genuine quality.


Solid or Engineered Flooring?

Flooring Specifications

All boards are cut to width and machined before checking and measuring. The finished flooring is then kept until delivery in a conditioned store, which is both heated and ventilated. Whippletree secures consistent moisture content for its cut timber. The result? Better stability than is generally the norm. Click here for more information or Click here for architects specifications.

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