Whippletree insist on purchasing trees at stump from a guaranteed origin


Approach is made by the land owner or the Agent to buy either standing or felled trees within a Forestry Commission Management Plan or a Felling Licence. In the UK it is illegal to fell growing trees without government permission.

Opposite: Logs bought at Beaufort castle.

Log numbering references

The trees are each valued, validated, tagged with a number and recorded on our unique traceability system as to where, when and what we bought.

Opposite: Unique log number (note the new trees in the background)


Transported to the mill where they are graded and converted into the best sections.

Opposite: Lorry being offloaded with crane.


All sections are measured, graded and numbered with the unique log number, then put ‘in stick’ in our custom-built Drying Sheds to season - 1 year per 1 inch thickness.

Opposite: Timber 'in stick' for drying.

Biomass Kiln Drying

Once naturally seasoned, some sections are kiln dried in our Biomass fired heat vent kilns.

Opposite: Our biomass fired heat-vent kilns.

Sawn & Processed Oak

The oak is then ready for sale to manufacturers or for us to machine into our many finished products, including flooring, prepared mouldings, cladding, and oak frames.

Opposite: Sawn to size oak being processed.

Traceability Book & Certificate

We can provide a traceability certificate or book to go with your order.*

*Subject to value of order – please get in touch for more details.

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