Lath & Lime

Lath & Lime

Leading UK Supplier

Whippletree are a leading UK supplier of individual lath and lime products right through to the complete package.

Timber laths

Laths make an ideal and traditional substrate for lime-based renders and plaster. They help to keep the timber frame rigid and also provide a strong backing for the render or plaster to key to. This is vital as lime does not set as hard as cement render.

Product Type Characteristics
Hand riven oak Very strong; no short grain; good key characteristics. Will outlast any other type of lath.
Hand riven chestnut (sweet) Strong; no short grain; very good key characteristics; straighter than oak, thus less wasteful. Will last almost as long as oak.
Sawn oak The longest lasting and strongest of sawn laths, but not as strong or as long lasting as riven oak – a good compromise.
Sawn larch (durable softwood) Untreated naturally durable softwood with a very low knot content. Good value for money.
Hazel round & ½ round wattles Coppiced hazel for traditional wattle and daub.
Stainless steel fixing nails Annular ring shank nails that are not corroded by oak or chestnut tannins. 30mm x 2.65mm - 1kg. box @ £25.00 per box + VAT

Building Limes

As suppliers to many listed building and traditional new-build projects for a number of years Whippletree stock a range of lime products:

Lime Putty

A good lime to use – closest to the original building lime. Externally it should only be used between April and October. Internal use is all year round.

Hydraulic Lime

Well-known hydraulic lime that takes on a ‘set’ after a few hours – so is also quicker to use than Putty.

Please note that all limes need full protection from frost until thoroughly dried. This will ensure it doesn’t contain any moisture that can freeze, leading to expansion and that in turn causes failure.

Ancillary products

  • Animal hair
  • Chalk dust
  • Brick dust
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