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Oak For Structural Strength

Throughout history 'English' Oak has helped man make prestigious architectural statements. From medieval timber-framed mansions, with their wealth of exposed beams, down to understated twenty-first century homes, 'English' Oak has inspired and delighted generations.

Oak combines beauty with utility. Indoors or out, it has a supremely attractive finish. Natural, oiled, stained or just polished, the grain’s effect is stunning – providing a perfect backdrop for fine art and fabrics. The wood’s natural structural strength delivers durability.

First-Class Seasoning And Storage

Once selected and logged the timber is then graded, sawn ‘through and through’ (to maximise the yield) and subsequently carefully stacked on drying sticks. Then it is left to naturally season – a ‘year per inch’.

If your order is destined for internal use, then it can be kiln-dried down to a set moisture level, to meet the demands made of timber in today’s warmer living environments.

Massive Stocks Mean Immediate Fulfilment

The Company has steadily increased its volume of seasoned timber. There is now 75,000 cu. feet of timber in stock, ranging from fresh cut beams to 6” thick seasoned joinery oak sourced from throughout Britain.

An on-going programme of improving both our seasoning capability and production methods means quality timber is readily available.

Good stocks of ash and elm are also held – immediate delivery is possible here too.

Sawn To Size Service

Harvested timber varies considerably in terms of both size and profile. Yet the timber you order has to be to set sizes. Whippletree will cut waney edged boards to match your cutting list. The benefits of this service are:

  • Fixed price quotation
  • All sections have two straight sawn edges ready to go through the plane
  • All sections free from sap and heart defects
  • Hidden defects risk is born by Whippletree
  • Saves heavy conversion – which saves you money and time.

Waney Edge Wastage Explained

The difference between waney and sawn-to-size can often lead to a considerable amount of waste wood. The inevitable reason for there being up to a 100% wastage factor is demonstrated in our leaflet, "Waney Edged Explained".

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