Oak Cladding


Timber cladding is an ideal finish for building projects.

Native and traditional hardwoods like Oak and Elm add a stunning finish to any dwelling. Ideal for exterior work such as sheds, garages, cart lodges, barns and homes it will add true beauty.

Native Oak Featheredge

Combining utility with beauty, oak’s structural strength and suppleness ensures it’s easy to work and highly durable. While its highly attractive grainy finish is visually stunning as well. Altogether English oak delivers an unbeatable benefit combination. Available in different grades, in green wood or seasoned we will have the right product to meet your requirements.

General Specifications Native Oak Featheredge
Widths 150mm up to 300mm
Thickness Up to 38mm
Lengths From 1.8m up to 3.6m

Green Oak Featheredge Grades

Ungraded – “as it comes off the saw” and will need treatment against rot and beetle attack.

Graded – cut from unseasoned Oak we sort through it and grade out excessive sap and defects. It will need treatment against rot and beetle attack.

'Sap Free' – cut from unseasoned Oak but sawn to avoid any sapwood or defects. It is 100% heartwood and therefore requires no treatment.

Seasoned oak is available in machined profiles. Other Native timbers including Elm and Larch can be sourced quickly.

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