Green Oak


Man has long regarded native oak as an ideal building material. From grand medieval timber-framed mansions to understated twenty-first century homes, English Oak has been the structural timber of choice.

Long-lasting strength, plus flexibility, utility and beauty – English Oak delivers it all. This uniquely attractive combination of benefits explains why the desire for oak remains so strong.

English oak’s range of beneficial properties is substantial. It combines strength and comparative lightness with ready workability. So oak adds considerable utility to construction. Then there’s its highly attractive finish too. Oak’s tight grain adds character and interest to a structure as well as providing a perfect backdrop for fine arts and fabrics

Green Oak Beams are used for structural replacement or new Oak frames where shrinkage isn’t a problem.

Green oak beams are structural elements crafted from freshly cut oak lumber, renowned for their inherent strength and durability. Here's an overview of their advantages:

Strength and Endurance: Green oak boasts exceptional strength and resilience, making it a reliable choice for structural support in various construction projects.

Aesthetic Charm: The natural grain and hues of green oak beams lend a timeless and appealing aesthetic to any structure, adding warmth and character to the space.

Ease of Construction: Compared to seasoned wood, green oak beams are more easily manipulated, allowing for more straightforward cutting, shaping, and assembly, facilitating efficient construction processes.

Structural Versatility: Green oak beams offer remarkable structural flexibility, enabling them to span considerable distances without additional support, thus facilitating innovative architectural designs and open floor plans.

Environmental Sustainability: Utilizing green oak beams is environmentally friendly, as oak is a renewable resource, and timber framing techniques typically involve lower energy consumption and emissions than alternative construction methods.

Natural Insulation: Green oak beams provide natural insulation, assisting in maintaining indoor temperatures and reducing energy usage, contributing to enhanced thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

Longevity: While green oak beams continue to season and settle over time, they are already robust and long-lasting upon installation. They can endure for generations with appropriate care and maintenance, enhancing property value and minimizing the need for frequent replacements.


Green Oak can be cut to bespoke sizes, and also there’s an extensive range to pick from:

Product Section (MM) Length (M)
Green oak beams 150x75, 150x100, 150x150, 225x75, 225x100, 225x150, 200x200, 225x225 6 standards: 2.4, 3.0, 3.6, 4.3, 4.8, up to 6

Whippletree can provide unusually long Oak beams, complete logs or bespoke commissions requiring complex/demanding machining and/or finishing. From shaped ends to more forms such as tapers, small or large curves,jowl posts. Moulded and chamfered beams and turned columns. Whatever the constructional or roof truss need, Whippletree can supply it.

Note: The stock sizes above are for next day collection. Any size can be milled within 7–10 days.

Oak Dowels

Thickness 1.2M Lengths
1/2” (12.5mm) 5 lengths per pack
3/4” (18mm) 5 lengths per pack
7/8” (22mm) 5 lengths per pack
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