wide oak floorboards

Wide Oak Floorboards

The Perfect Way to Add Elegance and Charm to Your Building Project

Using wide oak floorboards offers a timeless choice for your construction project. Whether planning a new building or renovating and refurbishing a period property, choosing English oak floorboards is a wise investment.

Throughout history, English oak has been used to create prestigious architectural statements. English oak has inspired and delighted many generations, from medieval timber-framed mansions to understated twenty-first-century homes.

Whippletree wide oak floorboards combine a high level of beauty with utility and practicality. Indoors or out, our floorboards have a beautiful finish. Natural, oiled, stained or just polished, the grain's effect is stunning – providing a perfect backdrop for recreating the fine art and vintage fabrics of a bygone time or adding an air of timeless elegance to a contemporary property. The wood's superb natural structural strength delivers unrivalled durability, beauty and longevity.

The difference between standard and wide oak floorboards

The main difference between standard and wide oak floorboards is the width of the individual boards. Wide oak floorboards are typically cut to be wider widthways than standard floorboards and can help to create a more traditional look.

Wide oak floorboards are also more expensive than standard oak floorboards. This is because they are more challenging to produce and require larger timber. If you are looking for a more traditional look for your flooring, then wider boards are a good choice.

Wide oak floorboards are a particularly popular choice for new-build executive home developers who want to add a touch of luxury and elegance to their homes or for property renovators wanting to restore original features to period properties, such as wood floors, but with a more contemporary twist to suit modern tastes. They are also a good choice for commercial and retail properties in high-traffic areas, as they are very durable and can withstand heavy daily wear and tear.

Consulting with us is a good idea if you are still trying to decide which type of oak floorboard is right for you. We can help you choose the right oak floorboard type for your needs and budget.

If you are considering installing wide oak floorboards in your building projects, keep a few things in mind.

Natural variation

Solid English wide oak floorboards have a natural colour, grain pattern and character variation. This is part of what makes them so beautiful and unique. However, it is essential to be aware of this variation before you install your flooring so you are not surprised by the final result.

Movement and wear

Being a natural product, oak floorboards will expand and contract due to the changing seasons. This can create slight gaps between the boards and may cause the floor to creak occasionally. However, this is all part of the natural character of an oak floor and should not be seen as a defect.


Before you install your oak floorboards, it is essential to acclimatise them to the humidity and temperature of the room where they will be installed. This will help to prevent the boards from warping or cracking.

Oak floorboard options from Whippletree

Whippletree offers three main types of oak floorboards (https://www.whippletree.co.uk/solid-or-engineered/) for you to choose from:

  • Solid oak traditional floorboards are an excellent choice for areas with high temperature and humidity changes, for contemporary buildings, and historical projects. (They are also suitable for use over underfloor heating – UFH- subject to strict acclimatisation procedures).
  • Single-engineered oak floorboards are an excellent choice for warm, dry areas with little risk of becoming cold or damp for longer periods. They are also suitable for use over UFH.
  • Double-engineered oak floorboards are a good choice for wide and long boards. They are also suitable for warm, dry areas with little risk of becoming cold or damp for longer periods and for use over UFH.

Note: All three types of floorboards are available as footworn or flat planed.

If you are looking for a beautiful and durable floor that will add a touch of luxury to your domestic or commercial building project, then wide oak floorboards from Whippletree are the perfect choice. Contact us (https://www.whippletree.co.uk/contact/) for more information.

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