A view of a refurbished room

Brackenbury House

Beautiful oak features...

Project Description

This project involved the total refurbishment of a London town house which had been discovered had been occupied for many decades by Drapers. The project Designer created the requirement for an unusual Oak feature sited at a high point in the property and which various tapestries flowed throughout the building charting the history of the house and its occupants.

The Challenge

The Architect designed a special feature consisting of a two story ‘box’ at high level in the building from which the tapestries flowed around the property with each tapestry depicting a story from the past. This box was to be clad with English Oak & Larch strips or laths cut from seasoned timber to ensure they remain straight and uniform. Various sample panels were made up and sent to provide an accurate visual for the Architect and client to choose from and approve. English Oak flooring and matching pre-machined stair components were supplied to the projects exacting specifications.

The Results

A unique and extremely stylish town house conversion incorporating many different materials and finishes bringing the property forward to the current day without losing its past and its history.

Additional Information

ARCHITECTS: Patrick Lewis Architects

CONTRACTOR: Ingenious Construction


Interior viewInterior viewInterior viewInterior viewInterior view
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