Green Oak Roundhouse, Essex

Project Description

This project was to supply Green Oak for the Architecturally designed circular (completely round) thatched house with vertical wide board cladding.

The Challenge

This exacting project required curved 150x150mm Oak plates cut to three different radiuses from curved grained Oak trees to ensure that the drying distortion was limited.

Naturally seasoned wide board Oak cladding boards also had to be selected to give full height boards without jointing.

The Results

The results were stunning, with the Thatched Roundhouse being beautifully constructed to include ‘eye brow’ dormer windows and internal glazed screens, all constructed to the shape of the curved grain circular plates. The technical expertise of the Whippletree staff was utilised to overcome the various issues that needed to be considered prior to supply.

Additional Information


BUILDER: R J Pinnock

OAK SUPPLIER: Whippletree

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