Longdon Windmill

Project Description

Whippletree’s contractor customer was employed to reconstruct the cap for the windmill at Longdon near Rugeley in Staffordshire. The Design Engineer was very particular about the age and dryness of the large Oak sections use as stability was of prime importance to avoid the need for ongoing maintenance.

The Challenge

The main frame was constructed using large fully seasoned sections up to 350x350. All timbers had to be guaranteed six-year air dried seasoned and in addition, guaranteed English Oak and therefore full traceability was required to be provided and certified. This also included the very wide 100mm thick boards used to cut out and laminate the circular ‘kerb’ plate for the cap to rotate on.

The Results

Part of our national heritage was restored to its former glory with the full confidence that with minimal movement in the main structural Oak members, there will be very little ongoing adjustment or maintenance required.

Additional Information

DESIGN ENGINEER: Bonwick Milling Heritage Consultancy


OAK SUPPLIER: Whippletree / Whippletree’s Technical Department

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