Poolside Pergola

Project Description

The project was to supply 10 English Green Oak columns to support a large poolside Pergola using English Oak with full traceability certification back to the trees in the woodland where the Oak was born.

The Challenge

The requirement for these ten columns bought with it two challenges, firstly the selection of sound relatively knot free English Oak to yield the 300mm diameter required for the project which needed to be without any sapwood and secondly, to produce a shape that was pleasing to the eye and fitted to the circular pad stones at the base and to the seasoned Oak Capitols at the top, to take the majestic horizontal structure.

The Results

The results were impressive with exceptionally satisfied clients and all was due to the ability of Whippletree to provide the Oak with guaranteed traceability and the technical expertise of Whippletree’s staff to overcome the various issues that needed to be dealt with prior to supply.

Those Involved on this project included The Client and Whippletree’s Technical Department

Additional Information

Templating & Design by Whippletree’s Technical Design Department

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