Project Description

Air dried structural Beams and Country grade footworn flooring in a 16th century house.

The Challenge

Due to the age of the timber frame, air dried oak beams were required to replace the rotten parts of the frame but with the least amount of movement possible minimising stress in the frame and plasterwork. For the finishing touch, the client chose our footworn oak flooring in the country grade to retain the 16th century feeling.

The Results

The result is a beautifully restored Listed property, complete with Country Grade English Oak floors. An original feel was achieved through careful selection and hand finishing, creating a blend of colour variation, filled and unfilled knots, drying marks, saw marks and undulations to replicate the aesthetics and features of an original or reclaimed floor to suit the age and style of the house.

Additional Information

Contractor: Richard Johnson Restorations

Photography: Irving Nichols

English Oak Supplier: Whippletree

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